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Publications - National research council for economics. Humanities and social sciences



Future Policy Focus

  • Share information on the policy research trends as well as core issues of the future policies in both domestic and overseas context from the NRC and affiliated research institutes
  • Provide a communication channel among, national policy research institutes, government ministries and those interested in policies
  • Provide useful information to readers with meaningful themes related to national development
  • Distribute to the National Assembly, Blue House, Government Ministries, Research Institutes and other related organizations.

Cooperative Research Series

  • Provide solutions to policy issues that are difficult to resolve on the level of individual research institutes through inter agency and inter disciplinary research
  • Provide policy alternatives through multi-disciplinary, convergent, integrated research on the themes of nationwide policy agendas mid-long term national development strategies and future strategies

Humanities Policy Research Series

  • Develop policies to resolve the nationwide crisis of humanities and foster development of humanities research
  • Guide and promote humanities research to become the core driving force for the development of the nation, academics and society by converging and connecting humanities and policy research


Publications:The table which has publications information and you can download related pdf files.
NO Title Date Attachment
22 Establishment Plan of System and Infrastructure for Community-centred Services 2018-03-07 pdf download
21 Policy Research for Settlement of 「Improper Solicitation and Graft Act」 2018-03-07 pdf download
20 Study on Operation, Management and Utilization of Urban Botanical Garden 2018-03-07 pdf download
19 Research for Provision of the 2nd Master Plan Draft of Atmospheric Environment Management in the Metropolitan Area 2018-03-07 pdf download
18 Income Distribution and Economic Growth 2018-03-07 pdf download

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