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Notice - National research council for economics. Humanities and social sciences


[NRC] Inauguration Speech of 6th NRC Korea Chairman Kim Jun Young

Inauguration Speech of 6th NRC Korea Chairman Kim Jun Young


Honorable Presidents of National Research Institutes,


Members of the NRC Korea Board of Directors


and the Staffs of the NRC Korea.


It is a great pleasure and honor to work with you and contribute to our national development as a national think tank that represent our country.


The reason why Korea could realize its history of achievements after industrialization was the multiplier effect, brought forth by the convergence of logistic, human and intellectual energy of our nation.


In this process, our national policy researchers led the intellectuals to make prompt predictions, develop policies and provide effective policy feedback to the government. And the success story through this work has inspired and earned the respect from our society.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and respect to the current and former Presidents of our national research institutes, research fellows, researchers, staffs as well as the former Chairman Ahn Se Young, and all the Chairmans before me, members of our Board of Directors, Auditor, Secretary General and the staffs of the NRC Korea.


Today, we face a time of great transition, both internally and externally. The wave of adversity is also surging towards our society.


As you know, uncertainty, variability, imbalance and selfish frictional competition are intensifying in our global society. In the mean while, the abnormalities of low growth, polarization, low birth rate, aging, employment uncertainty, national debt, division and conflict have spread to become the new normal. These problems have been entwined like threads, making it more difficult to find the solution.


It is impossible to find the solution to this complicated insoluble equation of high degree with the market logic that neo-liberalism worshiped.


The role of the government based on high-quality policies with a wide consensus has become essential.


In these difficult times our society expects the NRC Korea to take a more effective role as the fountain of national policies.

This is because our society respects the reputation and the authority that national policy researchers have earned over the decades.


I ask that the NRC Korea national policy researchers strive to fulfill its mission as the hub of national policy in order to propose high-quality policies that the can gather the consensus of our citizens.


Most importantly, 21st century demand the idea of sharing, exchange and cooperation in all areas of politics, economy, society and culture as the spirit of this new age.


This is because the complex problems and conflicts of interlaced factors cannot be solved by the current framework that has partitions.


Selecting Bob Dylan, a popular singer as the recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature took the literary world by surprise. However, is this not a result of accepting the values of sharing and cooperation?


I think that Bob Dylan won the prize because he tore down the walls of poetry by bringing poetry into pop music through sharing and cooperation. He brought poetry to the public, created a new genre and gained wide appreciation.


In order to expand the horizons of the policy space the NRC Korea must approach the problems we face with convergent and composite policies from the economic, humanistic and social perspectives.


The social values of sharing and cooperation is spreading beyond taxis and houses to knowledge and information at a rapid pace. Now, we can feel that 4th industrial revolution is the key to these oncoming waves of change.


Honorable Guests,


I will strive to raise the pride of our national research institutes and its staffs by invigorating communications and exchange with domestic and overseas research institutes and the academia as the Chairman of the NRC Korea.


In doing so, I pledge to fulfill the NRC’s mission to be the effective policy hub that lights the way towards national development and a prosperous future.


I ask for your insight, wisdom and participation.


Thank You.

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