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Notice - National research council for economics. Humanities and social sciences


[NRC] 2017 New Years Address

2017 New Years Address

Chairman Kim Jun Young

National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences


My fellow staff members of the National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences (NRC)!


Like the red rooster that breaks the early light, the New Year, 2017 has dawned. I wish all of our staffs and our families a year full of happiness and blessings.


Last year was a difficult time both domestically and internationally. Yet, the NRC and our twenty six national policy research institutes poured in their passion and played a pivotal role for our nation. For that, you have my most sincere gratitude and respect.


The Korean society and the economy are facing a great time of change in 2017. Internationally, the waves of post-globalization surges forward while domestically, the risks of the economy and society intensify. The low-growth, the fast paced scientific& technological civilization reform of the 4th industrial revolution, polarization, low-birth rate and ageing, the structural changes of the Chinese economy with a focus towards service industry and domestic demand as well as the foreign policies of the new Trump administration that are expected to create a new economic order centered on nationalism; each and every one of these changes are strenuous and challenging tasks. Furthermore, the international dynamic surrounding the Korean peninsula is aggravating the uncertainty of our future.


Our road is long and our burden is heavy for the year of 2017. However, the stronger the storms of change, the greater are our needs to find the right direction and balance.


I ask the NRC as a high-class policy think tank to put its sincere efforts to be the rudder and the balance weight of our economy and society.


As such the NRC must focus on its vision to be a “National Development Think Tank” and its four missions (i) to upgrade the supremacy and the impact of NRC’s core value : policy research, (ii) to invigorate the cooperation ecosystem for convergent policy research between institutes, (iii) to widely share the results of our policy research with the government, the national assembly, and the society, (iv) to take the path of self-innovation in order to spread the culture of communication, cooperation, ethics and integrity. To achieve our vision and missions we must collect the efforts and the wisdom of us all.


My Fellow Colleagues!


Pain leads to reflection and reflection births a new hope. As the rooster crows to break the darkness and bring forth a new morning, the NRC, the fountain of great policy research, must become the “engine of hope” that instills confidence of “To do, Can do, Will do!” spirit and spread the seeds of positivity in 2017.


I will do my best to lead a fruitful year that raises the self-esteem of our NRC colleagues.


I wish you all a great new year of blessings.


January 1st 2017

Chairman Kim Jun Young,

National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences.   



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