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Chairman’s Message - National research council for economics. Humanities and social sciences

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Chairman’s Message

  • welcome to the website of the national research council for economics, humanities and social sciences

    Korean society is currently facing several crises which threaten its future.

    In addition to the three macroscopic structural crises of population extinction (social extinction), national extinction and global extinction, there is an intensification of inequality and suffering among the general public (Korea's tragedy), crises of technological development and employment, prolonged financial instability (repetition of economic recessions and economic crises), the appearance of unsustainable socioeconomic systems and the resultant worsening of global warming and resource depletion.

    How can we overcome the complex crises that we face and lead our nation to a safer and happier place?

    These problems are shared tasks which the government and national policy research institutes must take on together. But in a way, one may even say that the greater responsibility lies with the national policy research institutes.

    The government wrestles with countless pending issues on a day-to-day basis, but national policy research institutes are able to take a step back and provide long- and short-term policy alternatives by comprehensively surveying the origins of various policy issues and the process of their development in the future.

    Gaining deep insight and wisdom and developing the Republic of Korea into a truly advanced nation will likely begin with ideas which differ from the past and new ideas which were not previously considered.

    The National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences seeks to unite with national policy research institutes as a single team in order to advance together towards the realization of a country which has not yet been visited and a world which has yet not been imagined.

    We ask for your continued support so that the NRC and national policy research institutes may continue developing.

    NRC Chairman Kyoung Ryung Seong
  • The table about NRC Chariperson's academic ability, main career
    Education 1971 Kyungdong High School
    1975 Sungkyun Kwan Univ. B.A. Economics
    1979 University of Minnesota M.A. Economics
    1984 University of Minnesota Ph.D. Economics
    Career 1973 Higher Civil Service Examination(14th)
    1989 ~ Professor, Sungkyun Kwan Univ. Dept. of Economics
    2001 ~ 2002 The 17th President of the Korean Association of Public Finance
    2009 ~ 2011 Chairman of University Advancement Board, Ministry of Education and Science Technology
    2011 ~ 2014 The 19th President of Sungkyun Kwan Univ.
    2013 ~ 2014 The 16th Chairman of the Korean Association of Private University Presidents
    2014 The 20th Chairman of the Korean Council for University Education
    2015 ~ Honorary President of Sungkyun Kwan Univ.