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Chairman’s Message - National research council for economics. Humanities and social sciences

About NRC

Chairman’s Message

  • welcome to the website of the national research council for economics, humanities and social sciences

    The reason why Korea could realize its history of achievements after industrialization was the multiplier effect, brought forth by the convergence of logistic, human and intellectual energy of our nation.

    In this process, our national policy researchers led the intellectuals to make prompt predictions, develop policies and provide effective policy feedback to the government. Furthermore, this success story has inspired our society.

    Today, we face a time of great transition, both internally and externally, while the wave of adversity surges towards our society.

    Uncertainty, variability, imbalance are intensifying in our global society. In the mean while, the abnormalities of low growth, polarization, low birth rate, aging, employment uncertainty have spread to become the new normal.

    In doing so, the role of the government based on high-quality policies with a wide consensus has become essential.

    Most importantly, the 21st century demands the idea of sharing and cooperation in all areas of politics, economy, society and culture as the spirit of our time.

    Accordingly, the NRC must approach the problems we face with convergent and composite policies from the economic, humanistic and social perspectives.

    The NRC will fulfill its mission to be the effective policy hub that lights the way towards national development and a prosperous future.

    We ask for your insight, wisdom and participation.

  • The table about NRC Chariperson's academic ability, main career
    Education 1971 Kyungdong High School
    1975 Sungkyun Kwan Univ. B.A. Economics
    1979 University of Minnesota M.A. Economics
    1984 University of Minnesota Ph.D. Economics
    Career 1973 Higher Civil Service Examination(14th)
    1989 ~ Professor, Sungkyun Kwan Univ. Dept. of Economics
    2001 ~ 2002 The 17th President of the Korean Association of Public Finance
    2009 ~ 2011 Chairman of University Advancement Board, Ministry of Education and Science Technology
    2011 ~ 2014 The 19th President of Sungkyun Kwan Univ.
    2013 ~ 2014 The 16th Chairman of the Korean Association of Private University Presidents
    2014 The 20th Chairman of the Korean Council for University Education
    2015 ~ Honorary President of Sungkyun Kwan Univ.