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Evaluation of the Research Institutes - National research council for economics. Humanities and social sciences


Evaluation of the Research Institutes


To promote the autonomous efforts to improve research productivity

To accelerate active and continuous management innovation initiatives

To guide the establishment of autonomous and responsible management system of the institutes


Evaluation of Research Institutes

Evaluation of the research institutes and overseas offices

Evaluation of the research ethics of research reports

Report and Management of the Evaluation Results

Submitting the institute evaluation results to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Strategy and Finance (N+1,4.30.)

Establishing self-improvement plans for the institutes and collect feedback

Improving the Institute Evaluation System

Improving the evaluation manual for the institutes and overseas offices

Support for the development of the institutes according to the evaluation results

Consultation for institutes with poor evaluation results and institutes that request consultation

Investigation and analysis on domestic and overseas evaluation systems
Publishing the institute evaluation guidebook

Establishing and operating the online evaluation system

Establishing and managing evaluation expert pool

Evaluation System



procesing list and schedule
Task Schedule
Establishing the basic plan to form and operate the evaluation team for the year (N) (Year N) November
Formation of the year (N) evaluation team (Year N) December
Research institutes submit performance results to the evaluation team (Year N+1). January.
Completion of the document reviews and in-person evaluation (Year N+1). February.
Writing the draft for the evaluation result (Year N+1). March.
Preliminary Review of the evaluation result and collecting opinions from research institutes (Year N+1). March.
Submitting the confirmed draft of the evaluation results to the NRC (Year N+1). March.
Review of the year (N) evaluation results
-Planning and Evaluation Committee, General Planning
Subcommittee, Board of Directors Evaluation Subcommittee
(Year N+1). April.
Review and resolution of the evaluation results by the board of directors (Year N+1). April.
Submitting the Evaluation Results to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Strategy and Finance (Year N+1). by April 30th.