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Supporting Cooperative Research - National research council for economics. Humanities and social sciences


Supporting Cooperative Research


To plan cooperative research projects in the fields of economics, humanities and social sciences based on national and social needs

To identify and execute national agenda planning tasks in accordance with the domestic policy priorities and external changes

To create synergy and promote efficiency through cooperative research

To improve policy impact by encouraging robust ad-hoc cooperative research on current nation wide policy issues

To maintain intimate research cooperation system among research institutes and the NRC


  • Planning
    the development directions
    for cooperative research
  • Improving the support system
    for cooperative research
  • Evaluating the results of
    the cooperative research projects


procesing list and schedule
Planning Cooperative Research by the NRC Schedule
Task Identification (When Necessary)
Establishing the Project Plans 1-2 weeks after identifying tasks
Selection of the project 1-2 weeks after establishing the plan
Evaluation of the Results Two weeks before completing the project
Publications and Result Diffusion After completing the project
procesing list and schedule
Planning Cooperative Research by the Research Institutes Schedule
Survey for demands (Year before Project) February-April
Announce Call for Project Suggestions April-May
Select Research Project May-June
Review Research Project By end of September
Confirm and Approve Cooperative Research Project By end of December
Conduct Research Project and Submit Report By end of December
Evaluation of Cooperation Research Project By end of May (Year after Project)