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The logo of the National Research Council for Economics, Humanities, and Social Sciences is based on Taegeuk (or ying-yang), the symbol of the universe and Korea. The left half-circle represents the economic aspect that seeks prosperity and happiness while the half-circle in the bottom right symbolizes the humanism and the welfare nation, which together show the integrative value that we seek.

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Symbol Mark

  • Symbol full color
  • Symbol grid


  • Symbol + Korean + English
  • Symbol + Korean + EnglishSymbol + English Abbreviation + English

Logo Type

  • Korean [minimum size 2.5mm]
  • Logotype grid
  • English [minimum size 2.5mm]
  • Logotype grid

Color Type

  • NRC Coral
  • NRC Seagreen
  • NRC Gray
  • NRC Gold
  • NRC Silver